How to Get the Most Out of Your Hogwarts Legacy Room of Requirement

room of requirement

The room of requirement is a hub in Hogwarts legacy, where you can decorate, brew potions, grow plants and raise animals. However, gaining access to it is a process that requires completing key parts of the story. Here are a few tips on how to get the most out of your room of requirement in the game.

Room of Requirement Workstations

In the books, the room of requirement is a space that appears when occupants need it. It takes the form of whatever is needed, whether that be a cabinet to store tools or an altar to worship the Ravenclaw diadem. It was the Room of Requirement that allowed Neville Longbottom to escape the Carrows, and ultimately led Harry and his fellow students to liberate Hogwarts from Death Eater control.

The same can be said for the room of requirement in the video game, though there are some differences. This is primarily due to how the room functions. The room of requirement is your own personal hub, filled with all the workstations you need to prepare for the journey ahead. The Room of Requirement also acts as a sort of home base, where you can grow plants and raise livestock, all while brewing potions and gathering materials to craft gear upgrades.

As you progress through the story, more workstations will unlock to make your room of requirement even more functional. These include a Material Refiner, which is great for producing a large amount of potions at once, and a Dung Composter, which will produce Fertilizer every 10 minutes. In addition, the Beast Feeder and Breeding Pen can automatically feed and care for captured creatures, while a Toy Box will keep them entertained. More importantly, the Vivarium will allow you to upgrade your equipment with creature offspring.

While some of these workstations can be bought in Hogsmeade, the rest can be found around the open world. Regardless, the three spells that can only be used in the room of requirement are essential for getting everything set up. The Conjuring Spell lets you place new objects, while the Alteration spell can change their size and appearance. Finally, Evanesco can make items disappear from the room of requirement, and will return any Moonstone you spent conjuring them with.

Moonstone, which is required to place most objects in the Room of Requirement, can be found all over the open world. In particular, you should look for clusters of crystal sticking out of rocks. Shooting them with your basic cast will reward you with a good amount of Moonstone, which you can then spend on the Room of Requirement. As you do so, you will want to invest in some of the more expensive workstations, such as the two Potting Tables with 2 large pots each and the Planting Stations that let you plant Fluxweed stems. These are a key ingredient for brewing attack and defense boost potions in the Room of Requirement. In addition, it is a good idea to have the Dung Composter and Material Refiner in your Room of Requirement, as these will help you maximize your output of Plants, Potions, Beast offspring and Beast Materials.