The Furniture Factory Outlet

furniture factory outlet

The furniture factory outlet is where it’s at if you are looking for high-end home furnishings without paying full price. These discount stores typically carry a wide selection of pieces that span different categories, including sectionals, mattresses, and accent furniture. They’re also known for offering 18-month special financing plans and white-glove delivery available every day of the week.

The perks of shopping at a furniture outlet include deep discounts on brand-name floor samples and one-of-a-kind items that wouldn’t usually make it to a regular retail store. The inventory changes often, so it’s important to visit multiple times a week to see what’s new.

Besides getting the best deals on quality furniture, these outlets also sell a variety of other items to help you outfit your whole house. From storage solutions to kitchen gadgets and small decor touches, they’re a great place to get it all at once. Plus, if you don’t find what you need, they’ll even ship it to your home for free. litlightings

Regional home goods retailer Furniture Factory Outlet filed for bankruptcy Thursday, citing tight cash and supply chain disruptions caused by the COVID-19 pandemic. The chain operates 68 stores across the Midwest and southern central states. It’s the seventh retail company owned by private equity firm Sun Capital Partners to file for Chapter 11 this year.

What Are the Types of Home Outlets?

There are several types of home outlets, but the most common are brick-and-mortar stores. You can also shop at home outlets that are online-only. The furniture and home decor found at a home outlet can be brand new or previously returned. It may have been damaged or returned for a number of reasons, including manufacturer defects, overproduction and under-sale, photoshoot or floor models, one-of-a-kind samples, and off season products.

In addition to the standard inventory of furniture and home goods, many home outlets offer an array of other discounted products, from appliances to pet supplies. These retailers are ideal for those who are trying to furnish a complete home, but don’t have a specific item in mind.

Furniture manufacturers often have a factory outlet where they sell off excess or damaged pieces. They may also sell off floor samples that have minor scratches and dents that wouldn’t be sold at a regular retail store. The resulting inventory can be a great resource for homeowners on a budget, as well as designers who are looking to save money while still providing their clients with quality pieces.

Here are a few of our favorite furniture factory outlets.