How to Use Style and Select in InDesign

style and select

Style and Select is a digital styling tool that makes offering wardrobe suggestions to clients easy and fun. Clients are provided with a custom selection of clothing and are linked directly to a variety of partnering retailers that make it easy for them to purchase the clothes they choose. Using this tool allows you to offer a value-add service to your clients and cultivate excitement for their session before they even arrive!

In the catalog view, click a style to open it. The Details panel displays the style’s attributes. You can change the details for any item in the list, and you can also modify graphical properties. If a style has been upgraded, the new options appear in the details panel for that style.

The name, status, description, tags, and style path are listed for each style item in the Details panel. A graphical preview of the item is displayed in the preview pane. You can modify graphical properties, such as font size, text direction, or margins, for any item in the list. If a style isn’t in the current document, you can copy it into the current document by pressing Shift or Ctrl while clicking the selected item. You can then edit the new style.

Changing a style is similar to editing any other object in InDesign. You can add, delete, or move items within a style. For example, you can create a paragraph style with a drop cap or left indent and then apply that paragraph style to text in your document. You can also use the Duplicate Style command to create a style nearly identical to another style without the parent-child relationship.

You can create and edit styles in either the catalog or document view. A new style is added to the catalog when you create it. If the style is created in a document that’s already open, it appears only in that document. If you’re working in the document, the new style is added to the Styles gallery, a visual menu located on the Home tab.

To change the formatting of a style, select text in your document that has the style applied, and then click the style in the Styles gallery. You can also modify the style definition directly by selecting the style in the gallery and choosing Modify Style from the menu.

While I love that Style and Select is super easy for clients to use, I do find it somewhat problematic that the styles are curated for women with slim figures and do not include plus size clothing options. This is a common problem in the fashion industry that needs to be addressed by more clothing brands and stylists alike. Despite this, I still believe that Style and Select is an excellent option for photographers to consider offering their clients and it’s certainly worth a look!