What Style Is My House?

what style is my house

If you’re looking for a new home, or just want to give your current home an upgrade, knowing what style is my house will help you create a successful plan. It also helps you understand the design details that give your home character, history, and romance.

How to Find Your House’s Architectural Style

Every home is unique, but they all have some basic similarities. They all feature certain elements, such as a front porch or a garage, that are often indicative of the style of the house.

Aside from these common features, a home’s architecture can be determined by its size and its era of construction. It’s also important to take note of other architectural features, such as the exterior color, roof style, and window type.

The most reliable way to determine the architectural style of a house is to look at its exterior and interior. This can be done by taking a walk through the home and taking notes on its design features.

For instance, a farmhouse may have an open floor plan with a wide entrance porch and large windows. Its facade could have tall gabled or gable-fronted roofs, or it could have a traditional two-story design.

Similarly, a ranch-style house may have a single story design and a front-facing garage. Its design will be different from a Craftsman or Victorian home, and it can even be more complex than a traditional Colonial-style house.

Other factors that can help you determine your house’s style include the era of its construction, whether it has multiple levels, and how the home was built. It’s also a good idea to consider the style of the neighborhood.

The era of your home’s construction will have a major influence on the architectural style of the home. For example, the earliest houses were usually built before the American Civil War, while later homes had more modern designs and were often made from cheaper materials.

Some homeowners have a hard time determining their house’s architectural style, so they’ve turned to technology to help them. One website, Classify House, uses artificial intelligence to identify the style of a house using just a picture of it.

By comparing the photo of your home to photos of other buildings, the AI is able to determine which style is most similar to the image you’ve uploaded. It rates your house from 1 to 31 based on the design elements it identifies in the photo, with a score of 30 being most similar to the style you’re trying to match.

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